Webinar: $2M Grant Success Story

Join us in a captivating webinar featuring Aster Bekele, an educator and chemist, who has masterfully blended science with student-driven learning. Discover how Bekele transitioned from traditional teaching methods to creating a program that resonates with students’ passions and fosters their strengths. This session not only highlights her innovative educational strategies but also delves into her remarkable success in securing grants. Learn how Bekele navigated the challenges of funding and built a supportive learning community, making a lasting impact in the field of education.

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn how Aster Bekele pivoted from traditional teaching to a more interactive, student-centered approach.
  • Explore strategies for integrating science with practical activities like gardening and sports, making it relatable and exciting.
  • Gain insights into navigating the world of grants and partnerships for educational programs.
  • Understand the role of platforms like AfterSchool HQ in streamlining administrative tasks and enhancing outreach.

About Aster Bekele

Aster Bekele is a chemist turned educator and community leader. Starting a simple garden project to teach science, she has evolved her approach to focus on what students want to learn, fostering a sense of ownership and excitement. Aster’s work extends beyond the classroom, creating partnerships and securing funding to support her initiatives.

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Join Us For:

$2M Grant Success Story

With Aster Bekele, Founder and CEO of Felege Hiywot Center.

Wednesday, December 13th, 2023

Aster Bekele provides insights into Felege Hiywot Center’s journey as an urban farm in Indianapolis, Indiana that has been contributing to her community for over twenty years! Along the way, Aster learned many lessons, which she openly shares with us, including tips and tricks that secured a $2M grant! Don’t miss out on gaining value from Aster’s wealth of experience in securing grants and transforming ideas into tangible projects with a remarkable impact.

Aster Bekele


Founder and CEO of Felege Hiywot Center

Aster Bekele is the visionary director of the Felege Hiywot Center (FHC). A professional chemist turned plant scientist, Bekele’s transformative leadership has steered FHC’s growth into a cherished urban farm and educational hub over the past 19 years. Under her guidance, FHC offers students unique opportunities to develop crucial professional skills through diverse agricultural projects and activities.


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