How to Write Winning Grant Proposals:

Lessons from Dr. Grant Fulton!

Dive into the world of grant writing with Dr. Grant Fulton, an experienced educator and grant writer, in this insightful webinar. Discover the journey from the classroom to the boardroom, as Dr. Fulton shares his transition from teaching to leading and mentoring youth service organizations. This session offers a unique perspective on navigating the complexities of grant writing and management, tailored for after-school program providers and educators.

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn how Dr. Fulton evolved from a teacher to an expert in grant writing and mentoring​​.
  • Understand the cyclical pattern of grant writing, evaluation, and applying for new opportunities​​.
  • Gain insights into developing leaders within educational settings to enhance program effectiveness​​.
  • Discover how to tailor grant projects and applications to the right funding sources and avoid common pitfalls​​.
  • Explore innovative ways to collect and utilize data for impactful grant applications and program evaluations​​.
  • Learn the significance of community partnerships in strengthening grant applications and expanding program reach​​.

About Grant Fulton

Dr. Grant Fulton’s career spans various roles in the educational sector, from a public school teacher to an athletic director, and eventually, a school time director. His experience in these roles exposed him to the necessity of grants for organizational health, sparking his interest in grant writing. Dr. Fulton’s work involves mentoring other programs, leadership development, and grant writing for youth service organizations. With a focus on making a significant impact on young lives, Dr. Fulton’s journey is a testament to the power of finding one’s “why” in their career​​​​.

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How to Write Winning Grant Proposals: Lessons from Dr. Grant Fulton!

With Dr. Grant Fulton, EDD, MBA

Tricks and insights into grant writing

Elevate your grant-writing game! Dr. Grant Fulton, a seasoned grant writer, invites you to Office Hours. Discover the secrets to securing grants and making your projects impactful. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your skills, and start making data-informed decisions centered around your after-school program.

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Co-Founder of Solutions for Youth Services

Meet Dr. Grant Fulton, EdD, MBA, a growth catalyst for youth-serving organizations. With a proven track record in school district administration and leadership of one of Indiana’s fastest-growing out-of-school time programs, he co-founded Solutions for Youth Services. As a grant-writing expert, Dr. Fulton sets the standard for measurable impact, securing millions nationwide.



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