AfterSchool HQ Referral Program

Last Modified: October 11, 2022

This referral program is subject at all times to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. AfterSchool HQ reserves the right to change or cease our referral program at any time in our discretion, and such changes will be effective as of the time of posting the same. We do not guarantee that the referral program described below will be available to any user for any minimum period of time.

For New Users

If you are a new user who has not previously purchased a subscription to the Platform, and you purchase a subscription to the Platform using an existing user’s referral link, you will be entitled to receive a 10% discount off the price of any subscription to the Platform, such discount to be effective for the first year of your new subscription.

For Existing Users

If you are an existing user with an active subscription to the Platform, AfterSchool HQ is currently offering a referral bonus when you refer new users to the Platform, subject to these terms.

If a new user uses your referral link at the time of purchasing a subscription to the Platform, you will be entitled to the following referral bonus:

For any youth-serving for-profit or non-profit organization, other than an educational institution, you will be entitled to receive an amount equivalent to the price of the first month of the subscription package purchased by the new user. If the new user chooses an annual subscription, you will be entitled to 1/12 of the annual subscription price.

For an educational institution, whether public or private, you will be entitled to receive $75.00.

All referral bonuses accrue to the referring party only when the new user has actually paid AfterSchool HQ for the new subscription and remained a user of the Platform for a minimum of three months. AfterSchool HQ will pay accrued referral bonuses by the last date of the month which follows the conclusion of the third month of a new user’s subscription to the Platform, and thereafter on the last date of each month following the month in which referral bonuses accrued.

AfterSchool HQ anticipates paying referral bonuses electronically using Stripe. You must connect your bank account through our Platform for this purpose in order to be eligible to receive referral bonuses.

At this time, AfterSchool HQ will not apply the amount of any referral bonuses to any subscription fees you may be obligated to pay, but reserves the right to apply such referral bonuses to your account in the future. AfterSchool HQ further reserves the right to withhold payment of any referral bonuses owed to you if you are delinquent in the payment of any fees due to AfterSchool HQ.

Unless requested by you or determined by AfterSchool HQ to be required by law, AfterSchool HQ will not provide tax forms to you related to the payment of any referral fees made to you. However, you should consult with your accountants or tax advisors regarding any tax implications of accepting referral bonuses set forth herein. This referral bonus program does not create and should not be interpreted to create any agency, partnership, or other relationship between you and AfterSchool HQ. AfterSchool HQ reserves the right to cease offering this referral program to any particular user or group of users if in its sole judgment, such user(s) have abused this referral program or used it for unintended purposes.

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