3 Strategies for Running a Thriving Youth Program Without Burnout

Unlock the path to securing more grants, doubling your student registrations, and transitioning your youth program from surviving to thriving.

Simplify Family Interactions

Learn how to streamline the process for parents, increasing your program’s accessibility. Get tips on raising awareness, enabling effortless online registrations and payments, and mastering parent-friendly communication techniques.

Unlock Your Team’s Potential

Discover how to empower your team with standardized systems and equitable access to vital information. Reduce paperwork and enable quick, seamless decision-making processes that give your team more time to focus on the kids.

Win Over Funders with Data

Unlock the secrets to effortless data collection that keeps all your essential metrics in one place. Learn how to present both quantitative and qualitative data to funders in a way that speaks volumes, without taking time away from your main mission.

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Frequently asked Questions

Will This Work for Me?

Find quick answers to common questions about AfterSchool HQ and how our platform can support your program.

Will this work for our organization?

AfterSchool HQ’s platform is designed to work seamlessly for a wide variety of programs, including Athletics, after-school programs, Summer Camps, and more. Whether you’re managing a sports team, overseeing a community enrichment program, or coordinating a seasonal camp, our platform is tailored to meet your specific needs and streamline your management process.

What do I get as a provider?

You will be able to do the following:

  • All parents will be able to find your activities online. No more relying on children or the school to deliver your flyers (flyers are the #1 reason parents miss signing up for your programs).
  • Remove the need to use multiple services to manage after-school programs. Promotion, registration, and payment are all done in one app.
  • Create as many activities as you want for as many locations as you want.
  • Accept unlimited registrations online.
  • Accept payments online via Credit Card or ACH.
  • Allow parents to pay using Payment Plans or Subscriptions.
  • View all transactions and receive payouts through direct deposit or check.
  • Take attendance for reporting and to let parents know when their child is present or absent from your program.
  • Send messages to parents (and students) via email and text.
  • Use AfterSchool HQ for any programs you offer: one-time events, summer camps, programs offered at other schools, etc.
What do parents get when using AfterSchool HQ?

Parents will be able to do the following:

  • Discover all programs offered at their school on one website.
  • Register with one account (forever).
  • Checkout with a few clicks.
  • Pay online or save payment for next time.
  • Receive text and/or email notifications about child attendance, pick-up times, etc.
  • View the upcoming schedule for all children.
  • Manage registrations through the parent dashboard.
Can AfterSchool HQ’s platform be utilized for in-school programs as well?

Absolutely! Our platform is flexible and designed to excel in both community-based and in-school programs. Given the significant number of youth programs taking place at neighborhood schools, we’ve tailored our platform to facilitate collaborations between your organization and the school in which you hold your activities. 

Can I talk to someone first?

Yes! We’d be delighted to meet with you before starting a trial. Please contact us here, and a member of our team will reach out to answer all your questions. 

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Unlock the path to securing more grants, doubling your student registrations, and transitioning your youth program from surviving to thriving.