Frequently Asked Questions

Why AfterSchool HQ?

Our mission is to increase after-school participation because it leads to higher performing, mentally healthy students who go on to graduate high school and college at higher rates. Our software is currently being used by IPS to track the impact of afterschool programs on student performance in school as well as other societal factors such as reduced juvenile crime rates.

How long have you been serving schools, providers, and parents?

We have provided software to improve after-school since 2013.

What do I get as a provider?

You will be able to do the following:

  • No more relying on children or the school to deliver your flyers. All parents will be able to find your activities online. (Flyers are the #1 reason parents miss signing up for your programs)
  • Remove the need to use multiple services to manage afterschool programs. Promotion, registration, and payment is all done in one app
  • Create as many activities as you want for as many locations as you want
  • Accept unlimited registrations online
  • Accept payments online via Credit Card or ACH
  • Allow parents to pay using Payment Plans or Subscriptions
  • View all transactions and receive payouts through Direct Deposit or Check
  • Take attendance for reporting and to let parents know when their child is present or absent from your program
  • Send messages to parents (and students) via Email and Text
  • Use AfterSchool HQ for any programs you offer: one time events, summer camps, programs offered at other schools, etc.
What do parents get when using AfterSchool HQ?

Parents will be able to do the following:

  • Parents can discover all programs offered at their school on one web site
  • Register with one account (forever)
  • Checkout with a few clicks
  • Pay online or save payment for next time
  • Receive Text and/or Email notifications about child attendance, pick up times, etc.
  • View upcoming schedule for all children
  • Manage registrations through the parent dashboard
Will fewer parents register online?

We have seen participation increase across the board when parents are able to conveniently register whenever they want to using phones or laptops. Parents no longer have to wait to receive flyers from children, worry about lost papers, or finding out about a program too late. Once they know the school link, they are able to register at anytime. This is why schools using AfterSchool HQ have seen participation rates as high as 67%, well above the national average of 18%.

Why are parents charged more than what I enter for my registration fee?

Fees allow us to offer our service for free to activity providers and schools.

Will parents understand the fees?

Fees are explained on our site. We will provide a link for parents to read that fully explains what the fees are paying for.

What if parents resist the additional fees?

You may reduce the registration fee that you charge. We have found that even with a lower price, providers earn more money because when convenience is increased (specifically in finding, registering, and paying) more parents register and pay online for activities. We also offer ACH payments which reduces the overall cost paid by the parent.

Why should parents pay online instead of via cash or check?

Providers who accept payment online get money much faster. Parents are not able to “work” the system by paying very late into the school year or withdrawing their children at the last minute and refusing to pay. Also, we provide a detailed record of who has paid and who still owes. We’ve designed this system to ensure you get paid on time and without the additional hassle of tracking cash or checks. Why deal with the additional overhead of accounting? We take care of that for you.

What are the fees and how are they presented on the site?

We charge approximately 5% per transaction (similar to Eventbrite). Your price is not displayed on the site. For instance if you charge $20, the price the parent will be presented and charged will be $20.99. When the parent goes to check out, they have the option to pay with ACH which means the checkout price would be $20.99. If the user chooses to pay via Credit Card, the checkout price will be $21.98.

Will the fees ever change?

Since our goal is to get more children into after-school programs, we are always looking for ways to reduce costs for parents. If we are able to offer discounts and better pricing we certainly will.

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