Boys & Girls Club Management Software

Embrace the future of youth engagement with AfterSchool HQ’s boys and girls club management software. Designed with a deep understanding of your mission, our platform enhances every aspect of club operations, from daily administration to long-term strategy.

AfterSchool HQ is built to reduce the administrative load and let the staff focus their energy and attention on the core mission: nurturing a sense of capability and belonging among the youth.

Boys and Girls Club Management Software

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Streamlined Club Management

Effortlessly manage your boys and girls club with AfterSchool HQ, simplifying administrative tasks and freeing time to focus on youth development.


All Activities in One Place

Maximize member involvement and satisfaction by leveraging AfterSchool HQ’s tools to showcase your engaging and impactful activities.


Data-Driven Decision Making

Improve your boys and girls club with AfterSchool HQ’s data tracking and reports, facilitating informed decisions that enhance program effectiveness and outcomes.


Manage Your Boys & Girls Club With AfterSchool HQ

Our innovative youth organization management software is designed to help your program simplify every aspect of your boys and girls club.

Online Registration  | AfterSchool HQ Boys & Girls Club

Effortless Online Registration & Payment Processing

Transform member enrollment and financial management with AfterSchool HQ. Our platform revolutionizes the online registration process, enabling parents to create a one-time student profile that simplifies enrolling in multiple activities with just a few clicks. Tailored specifically for boys and girls clubs, our customizable forms streamline the registration process to meet your unique needs.

Additionally, our integrated payment system supports multiple payment methods, ensuring smooth, secure transactions and eliminating the hassle of manual payment processing.

Check-In & Check-Out

Experience the next level of attendance management with AfterSchool HQ’s specialized check-in and check-out system, ideal for boys and girls clubs. Our platform streamlines the process by offering both manual entry and QR code options, ensuring swift and accurate attendance tracking. Additionally, this system enhances safety for children, giving parents peace of mind knowing their child’s arrival and departure times are meticulously recorded and monitored.

QR Check In Check Out
Customization of Registration Forms | AfterSchool HQ Management Software

CUSTOM Registration Forms

AfterSchool HQ provides the tools to create personalized registration forms that fit the unique information needs of your boys and girls club’s programs. This customization extends to syncing client profiles with your club rosters, enabling efficient access to vital information, streamlining communications, and enhancing overall program management.

Impact Surveys

Impact surveys serve as an invaluable resource for boys and girls clubs, enabling them to assess program effectiveness and understand member satisfaction. Employing innovative feedback methods, from emojis to traditional text, these surveys gather critical insights from participants and parents alike. Such continuous feedback loops are essential for tailoring programs that resonate with and enrich the youth they serve.

Feedback  | AfterSchool HQ Management Software

Data-Driven Program Enhancement

Data tracking tools offer boys and girls clubs a comprehensive way to monitor and assess various aspects of their operations, from attendance and participation rates to program outcomes.

These tools enable clubs to make informed decisions, identify trends, and allocate resources more effectively. They also support reporting requirements for funding and grants, showcasing the club’s achievements and areas for growth. Ultimately, these tools empower clubs to enhance their programming, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of their members and community.

Waiting Lists for Boys & Girls Clubs

Manage enrollment efficiently and prevent overcrowding while maximizing resource utilization. By automating the waitlist process, clubs can instantly update parents when spots become available, enhancing member satisfaction and engagement. This system ensures fairness in enrollment, maintains organized records, and simplifies the transition from waiting list to active participation.

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