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Felege Hiywot Center

Game Changer: Securing a $2M Grant

Jumping into AfterSchool HQ has revolutionized the operational dynamics at Felege Hiywot Center. Moreover, it provided the right tools to secure a $2 million grant for five years. Using our easily customizable surveys, the FHC team has collected crucial data to ensure an enriching experience for all their students.



All-Fitting Summer Camp

LOTUS gave us a lesson on camp design when they took advantage of AfterSchool HQ’s unique tools to tailor a flexible summer program. They divided Camp Flight into weekly modules, allowing parents to pick the best-fitting activities for their children, sign up, and even pay online. Kids loved it!

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Excellence Though Opportunity

Excellence Through Opportunity

It’s all About Easy Access

The Excellence Through Opportunity team had so much data in their hands that moving to an easy-to-access platform was a must. With AfterSchool HQ, they’ve been able to capture and review the required analytics for all kinds of reports—such as quarterly, end-of-the-year, and even end of the grant cycle.

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A.R.T.S. Foundation

Strengthening Their Security

While current processes might work adequately, what about security? The A.R.T.S Foundation implemented our management system for registration and soon discovered how useful it can be to track attendance, providing parents with the peace of mind that their kids are safely engaged in their after-school activities.

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Operation Xcel
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An Intuitive and Manageable System

Operation Xcel had already shifted to a program management system, but unfortunately it turned out to be neither user-friendly nor manageable. This difficulty hampered implementation. However, since transitioning to AfterSchool HQ, their administrative processes have become smoother and less intimidating.

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Circle City Prep

Skyrocketing Participation Numbers

Amid chaos from a first-come, first-serve system, 100+ forms, and illness, Circle City Prep recognized the urgent need for a smoother process. They found their champion in the AfterSchool HQ platform. After partnering with us, 68% of students actively participate in at least one club, all selling out within the first 24 hours due to high demand.

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All In Sports Playworks Indiana
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All IN Sports’ Data-Driven Success

Once they had the opportunity, Playworks Indiana’s after-school sports program transitioned from multiple systems to AfterSchool HQ. By streamlining their processes, they were able to focus on quality management and maintain high levels of student development through data-driven insights.

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Detroit PD

Streamlining for Success

For over 50 years, the Detroit PD Law Enforcement Explorers Program tried to keep up with an ever-growing number of registration forms, events, endless manuals, and other tasks. Streamlining became a necessity, and AfterSchool HQ was right there for the transition, enabling them to pursue new goals.

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Powerful Software Needed

The City of Everett had a requirement—their next after-school management software had to be able to handle 500 users applying simultaneously. AfterSchool HQ not only met but exceeded this demand, swiftly providing a seamless platform while amplifying the success of their year-round youth programs.

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Secret Scalability Model for Arts Program

Discover ProjectArt’s transformative journey. See how this nationwide artistic initiative leveraged AfterSchool HQ’s management software to overcome operational challenges. After its expansion across six major cities, ProjectArt’s collaboration with AfterSchool HQ has been a game-changer, enabling the organization to focus on its mission of nurturing the creative talents of youth.

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Ujuzi By Adirah
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Streamlining an Online Youth Program

Adirah Aishet-Tsalmiel, the Founder and Executive Director of Ujuzi Curriculum Consultants, was handling everything herself: from marketing and administration to teaching and curriculum writing. Adirah knew it was time for a change, to streamline administration and have “one less thing to worry about.” With AfterSchool HQ, she found a strategic partnership that simplifies administrative tasks, allowing them to enhance their programs to empower students globally.

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R.O.O.T.S Mentoring

Transforming Lives Through Dedicated Mentorship

R.O.O.T.S (Regiment Of Overriding The Statistics) empowers at-promise youth in Fayetteville, NC, by connecting them with positive role models and resources to redefine their trajectory. Partnering with AfterSchool HQ streamlined their data management, enabling seamless data uploads, visualizing their reach, and effective stakeholder engagement. This transformation has significantly enhanced their ability to track impact and secure funding.

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R.o.o.t.s Mentoring

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