Webinar: AHQ Welcomes Afterschool Alliance!

Join us for an enlightening webinar hosted by Afterschool HQ, featuring key members of the Afterschool Alliance team, Tiyana Glenn and Sophie Kidd. Explore the intricacies of after-school program development, where we unravel strategies for crafting compelling messages, securing funding, and enhancing program impact. Learn from the experts at Afterschool Alliance, a nationally recognized leader in research, policy, and advocacy in the Out of School Time (OST) sector.

What You’ll Learn

  • Discover the current demands and trends in after-school programs​​.
  • Learn how to effectively communicate the value of your program to funders, parents, and community stakeholders​​.
  • Explore innovative approaches to securing funding and managing resources efficiently​​.
  • Gain knowledge on forming sustainable partnerships with state and local allies to enhance your program’s reach and impact​​.
  • Understand the broadened concept of safety in after-school settings and how to address children’s core needs​​.

About the Speakers

Tiyana Glenn is the Project Manager for Innovation and Outreach at the Afterschool Alliance. She brings a wealth of experience from her previous roles as a Program Director for various after-school programs and intermediaries. Her expertise includes leading national field-building initiatives, serving as a board member for OST organizations, and reviewing grants in the field​​​​.

Sophie Kidd serves as the Project Associate for Innovation and Outreach at the Afterschool Alliance. With a background in working with afterschool programs and a stint in research post-college, Kidd contributes significantly to updating the afterschool field on new research, evaluating best practices, and advocating for strengthening afterschool programs nationwide​​.

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Join Us For:

AfterSchool HQ Welcomes Afterschool Alliance!

With Tiyana Glenn & Sophie Kidd

January 18th, 2024

Join us to learn more about Afterschool Alliance, a champion in the national Out of School Time industry. We will discuss state network resources, learn tips on how to craft your unique message, and receive research insights from across the country. Afterschool Alliance works to ensure that all youth have access to affordable, quality after-school programs!


Tiyana Glenn

Project Manager, Innovation & Outreach. Tiyana joined the Afterschool Alliance in April 2021. As the Project Manager, she provides support for our national AmeriCorps VISTA project and our national field building initiatives. Before coming to the Alliance, she worked as a Program Director for an afterschool program and for an out-of-school time (OST) intermediary. Her work also includes being a White-Riley-Peterson OST Policy Fellow, a board member for a few afterschool/OST organizations, and a grant reviewer in the field. Tiyana holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and a Master’s degree in Family & Human Development from Arizona State University.


Sophie Kidd

Project Associate, Innovation & Outreach. Sophie Kidd joined the Afterschool Alliance team in April 2022. She joined as the Project Associate for both the Field Outreach and Research teams but has recently transitioned over to the Innovation & Outreach team. Her work includes updating the afterschool field on new research and evaluations, highlighting best practices and promising afterschool programs, educating programs, and advocating for ways to strengthen their efforts. Before joining the Alliance, she worked as a Research Analyst at Policy Studies Associates, a research and evaluation firm focused on education and youth development. Sophie graduated from the College of William & Mary with a B.A. in Public Policy.


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