Yoga Class Management Software

AfterSchool HQ’s yoga class management software simplifies running yoga programs, making it easier for instructors and administrators. Our platform is equipped with modernized tools for attendance tracking, activity management, customizable reporting, and more, designed to minimize the administrative load. This allows educators to devote more attention to delivering impactful yoga education and fostering a supportive learning environment.

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Manage Your Yoga Classes with AfterSchool HQ

Our innovative management software is designed to help your program simplify every aspect of running a yoga studio.

Check in and Check Out | Management Software | AfterSchool HQ

Simplified Check-In and Check-Out

AfterSchool HQ’s check-in and check-out feature streamlines attendance management in after-school programs. It employs a user-friendly manual and QR code-based tracking to ensure accuracy and simplify record-keeping, providing security and peace of mind for parents and educators.

This system is quick and secure, with required authorized pick-up confirmations enhancing child safety. By optimizing the check-in and check-out processes, AfterSchool HQ reduces administrative burdens, allowing educators to focus more on teaching and less on paperwork.

Easy Online Registration and Payments

By offering online registration and online payments directly from the registration page, parents can conveniently sign up their children for classes without leaving home. AfterSchool HQ’s feature ensures real-time updates to prevent overbooking while securing every child a spot in the class.

With custom registration forms and multiple payment methods, your staff can focus more on providing quality programs and forget about paperwork.

Online Registration | Management Software | AfterSchool HQ
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Effective Attendance Tracking and Activity Management

AfterSchool HQ’s software comes equipped with an intuitive attendance tracking feature that allows instructors to quickly mark students’ presence, reducing the possibility of errors and ensuring accurate record-keeping. Effortlessly track attendance in workshops or recurring classes, providing well-prepared sessions tailored to students’ needs.

Customizable Reports and Forms

AfterSchool HQ’s software enhances data-driven decision-making with customizable reports and forms. Administrators can easily generate detailed reports on key metrics like attendance and finances, and tailor forms to collect essential feedback or registration details, optimizing program outcomes efficiently.

Additionally, the inclusion of custom forms enhances the flexibility of the software. Administrators can create and tailor forms specific to their needs, whether to obtain feedback on the program or customize registration forms to include necessary details specific to yoga programs.

Flexible Report Customization | AfterSchool HQ
Data Protection | Management Software | AfterSchool HQ

Robust Data Protection

Experience robust data protection with our comprehensive security measures designed to safeguard sensitive personal and financial information, ensuring the utmost privacy and security of your camp’s data at all times.


A Yoga Class Management Software Built for You

By harnessing the power of AfterSchool HQ, you can focus on what truly matters: providing an exceptional learning experience for your students.



A Yoga Class Management Software Built for You

By harnessing the power of AfterSchool HQ, you can focus on what truly matters: providing an exceptional learning experience for your students.

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Custimization & Scalability

Tailor our software to handle increasing data and user load, and effectively support the development of your organization.


Automated Waiting List

Interested participants beyond the seat limit can register for a waiting list to secure a spot if it becomes available.

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Permission Slips & Field Trips

Parents can sign permission slips and learn about field trips in the same place they register for activities.

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Volunteer Management

Accelerate volunteer participation and keep track of important records related to volunteer participation.

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User Access Control

Effortlessly manage and arrange the accounts of your team members to ensure seamless collaboration.


Security & Privacy

Safeguard sensitive information and comply with data protection regulations. Data encryption, user authentication, user permissions, & access controls.


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