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Embracing Innovation: Ujuzi Curriculum Consultants’ Journey

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Ujuzi By Adirah

Ujuzi Curriculum Consultant


Virtual Youth Program



In July 2020, as the world grappled with unprecedented changes, Adirah Aishet-Tsalmiel established Ujuzi Curriculum Consultants. The organization, named after the Swahili word for knowledge and expertise, ‘Ujuzi,’ symbolizes a fusion of diverse educational experiences aimed at redefining learning. This innovative venture quickly became a lifeline, offering bespoke educational strategies to those navigating the new terrain of homeschooling or enhancing nontraditional educational methods.

“Ujuzi emerged as a beacon of hope and innovation,” said Aishet-Tsalmiel before sharing that they currently provide personalized programs, consultations, and workshops that highlight educational empowerment.

The commitment to facilitating lifelong learning and inspiring both educators and students has propelled Ujuzi to broaden its impact. “We definitely make it fun. We make it engaging,” Aishet-Tsalmiel emphasizes, ensuring that their online classrooms resonate with the energy and enthusiasm found in physical classrooms. This commitment to delivering engaging, high-quality education is central to Ujuzi’s ethos, facilitating a shared journey of discovery and knowledge across the globe.

In four years, students from varied cultural backgrounds, including the United States, Kenya, Jamaica, and Tanzania, have enrolled in these vibrant, virtual classroom settings.

Fostering Growth with the VELA Foundation Grant

After two years of being up and running, the Ujuzi team decided to apply for the VELA Education Fund, from the VELA Foundation, an organization that is supportive of nontraditional educational programming. Adirah Aishet-Tsalmiel shared happily that they were “one of the awardees that year.”

The endorsement by the VELA Education Fund, in 2022, significantly boosted Ujuzi, providing the needed support for their non-traditional educational programming. This grant enabled Ujuzi not only to enhance its offerings but also to improve operational infrastructure, particularly through the integration of the AfterSchool HQ platform, streamlining administrative tasks, and focusing on educational content development.

Strategic Partnership with AfterSchool HQ

The collaboration with AfterSchool HQ revolutionized Ujuzi’s administrative efficiency, enabling a seamless management experience. For sure, it alleviated the burdens of manual administration, allowing for a focus on impactful teaching and curriculum development. “AfterSchool HQ has been an immense blessing, it’s one less thing I have to worry about” Adirah notes, appreciating the platform’s role in enhancing Ujuzi’s service delivery and allowing the organization to dedicate more time to nurturing its students.

This integration facilitates an intuitive experience for families, simplifying the registration process and offering comprehensive program management features. It embodies Ujuzi’s commitment to accessible and affordable education, highlighting the value of technology in enriching the learning experience.

Ujuzi Students’ Success

The heart of Ujuzi beats strongest in the joyous experiences shared with its students. Adirah Aishet-Tsalmiel lights up discussing this, saying, “The children…they make it all worthwhile.” Every story, like that of four sisters progressing through Ujuzi’s science classes, is a testament to the impactful, personal growth fostered here, blending academic rigor with a nurturing touch.

Adirah’s pride shines through when she recounts the journey of a young learner from Kenya, her growth from simple projects to complex explorations symbolizing the empowerment at Ujuzi’s core. This transformation, Adirah notes, speaks of the vibrant, supportive space Ujuzi offers, encouraging students to unveil their potential and embrace their learning paths enthusiastically.

Ujuzi’s commitment to education comes with a cultural element, an interest in spreading the word about great role models. For example, Ujuzi’s innovative Women’s History Month’s course: “Heroic Women Around the World – Spring Break Camp I,” and “The Hero in Me” course. Both exemplify their dedication to empowering students, one by showcasing unknown historical figures, while the other focuses on engaging students in creating narratives where they star as proactive heroes reflecting Ujuzi’s mission to instill confidence and a sense of purpose in young minds.

Looking ahead, Ujuzi aspires to expand these transformative experiences, reaching more students through collaborations with schools and after-school programs. This vision for growth reinforces a commitment to empowering a wider audience with creative, impactful educational opportunities.


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