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Sophie LeFevre |
October 24, 2018 |
After-school Programs |

Across the United States, more than 11.3 million students are left without supervision between the hours of 3 and 6 p.m. That’s 1 in 5 children who do not have someone to care for them after school ends*. Statistics like these are why the Afterschool Alliance created Lights On Afterschool, an initiative aimed at calling attention to the importance of afterschool programs. After-school activities are not only a great place to learn, but they keep students safe between those critical hours between the time when school ends and their parents get home.

Just in Indiana, there are 310,000 students who would be enrolled in an after-school program if one were made available to them. By hosting and participating in events like Lights On Afterschool, these discrepancies are brought to light in our communities and students are shown what sorts of opportunities might be available to them.

When students are aware of the opportunities available to them, they have more chances to find out what they are passionate about. That’s why we are so enthusiastic about our mission at AfterSchool HQ. We truly believe that every student deserves the opportunity to join an after-school activity. It is an honor to celebrate this paramount cause with organizations such as the Afterschool Alliance and the Indiana Afterschool Network.

This Thursday, October 25, marks the 19th Annual Lights On Afterschool event. More than one million people and organizations are planning to keep their lights on in support of after-school learning. Participating events include science fairs, academic contests, student showcases, sports competitions, and open houses.

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Photo by Mi Pham.


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